A lot of people have seen the word ‘Objective Statement’ or ‘Goal’ in many resumes and cover letters. Even so, they do not know about the exact idea behind writing an objective statement or the importance of including an objective in an internship resume or cover letter. Read below to know about this most authoritative medical assistant objective statement for internship resume and how it can help you in achieving your target.

What is an objective statement or Goal ?

As a matter of fact, an objective statement or goal that is included in a cover letter or resume is a 1 or 2 sentence statement that summarize an applicant’s career wishes and relevant skill-sets in a concise manner. To be even more precise, the objective statement is a self-declaration that is written ‘to the point’. Your objective statement must be written in such a way that it directly answers the following question of the employer: “What is your intention behind sending your  resume to me ?”

What is the exact idea behind writing an objective statement ?

Simply, the main idea or purpose of writing an objective statement is to let the reader know about your ‘personal or career objectives’. After you have persuaded the employer by stating that you have the perfect subject knowledge and additional skills in your internship resume, the very next step is to let him (or her) know the major reason for sending an application. The right objective statement would answer this question without any difficulty.

In accordance with the ‘well-liked’ career website ‘monster.com’, a first-rate objective statement bestow potential employers and companies with comprehensive details regarding the expectation of an applicant in a job. In support of candidates who hunt sincerely for internships, a quality objective statement may help them to land directly on an interview. In a few cases, a ‘well-written’ objective declaration or statement might also provide a candidate with the ‘intern’ position that he (or she) always dreamed for.

Where should you place the objective declaration in your internship Resume or Cover letter ?

In point of fact, your objective statement should be placed (written) in the 2nd paragraph of your cover letter or resume. In general, the 1st paragraph is anticipated to endow the reader with a good explanation for the question: “Why should I read your cover letter or resume ?”  In fact, your objective statement should showcase your academic accomplishments and successes (if you are applying for an Internship). Your objective declaration should enthuse the employer and force him (or her) to know more about your interest in interning at their organization.

Let’s say, you are on the lookout for an intern position within a company. But regrettably, you are not aware of the exact title of the internship that you yearn to apply. In such a situation, the format that you might want to use for your objective declaration will be more of a ‘managerial’ statement. By writing this type of objective declaration, you can create a ‘common’ statement rather than a specific one that targets (and matches with) on one single internship position in a company.

Major constituents of an internship Resume or Cover Letter objective statement

As long as your objective or goal statement is kept common, the standard format is composed of the following 3 major components or elements:

1. What are you trying to deliver? : I am striving to convey my internship objectives to your kind attention.
2. How are you presenting your objectives? : I am notifying my objectives together with my skills, knowledge and achievements (which should be included in the resume or cover letter)
3. Why did you send a resume? : I sent a resume to request you for providing me with an opportunity to become an associate (intern) of a team, subdivision or group in your organization.