After completing the prerequisite or mandatory courses that are included in the medical assistant training program successfully, the students will take part in a one hundred and sixty hour practicum or seminar sessions at an official health care facility in addition to a twenty hour practicum session on the university grounds itself. This practicum offers an excellent opportunity to the students to utilize and apply their ideologies, principles and disciplines that they learnt in their training classrooms. It is also helpful for the medical assistant students to make the most of their practical or entry-level skills in the medical assisting work place while they interact with several incoming patients. Medical assisting trainee’s will work under the direct supervision of an experienced staff at the partaking externship campus and also under the general supervision of the employees who work in a specific college, institution or University.

Medical Assistant Practicum outlines

The practicum course will prepare and train the medical assisting students to help out, support and lend a hand to the physician’s and doctor in a hospital, health care service center or in a private clinic. The responsibilities of the students may include – preparing the patients for health assessment tests, measurement of physical functions, assisting and supporting the doctor in diagnostic examinations, medical dealings and common operations or surgeries at the clinic.

After completing the practicum course successfully, students must be able to:
  • Examine the responsibilities and functions of the medical assistants with reference to the main beliefs of drug management and pharmacology.
  • Categorize the universally used analytical laboratory techniques that are employed in a doctor’s office.
  • Categorize the analytical Radiological methods that are commonly used in the doctor’s workplace.
  • Illustrate the major responsibilities of a medical assistant while recording a patient’s Electrocardiogram (EKG).
  • Explain the major responsibilities of a medical assistant while helping the doctor in a physical treatment.
  • Assess the function of a medical assistant all through a clinical emergency and offering proper first aid measures to the patient.

This practical session offers an excellent opportunity for the students to prepare and pass the Certification examination that is conducted by the ‘American Association of Medical Assistants legacy’. The medical assistance students will perform under the general administration of the institution’s employees. In general, all students who attend the medical assistance training program are assessed by a mentor or by a practicum manager in weekly time gaps.

How many credits will the students earn in their practicum session?

The Practicum session will grant an administered assignment to the medical assistance students in a non-classroom milieu at a medical workplace, health care office or at any other suitable work area. Students will earn 4 credits upon the successful completion of a minimum of one hundred and sixty hours or maximum of two hundred hours of practicum session. Actually, this practicum session experience must be divided equally among the clinical and managerial tasks in order to encourage the students to involve in a complete or total health care service setting. Into the bargain, seminar contribution through online is also a mandatory prerequisite throughout the semester.

Do the students get remuneration during the practicum session?

Trainee’s are assessed by decision-making human resources at the place after the trainees complete the one hundred and sixty hour practicum session. The practicum form’s are completely evaluated and are recorded in the trainees permanent certification documentations. Medical assistance students should have to fruitfully accomplish their externship lessons so as to satisfy the essential training that is mandatory for completing the graduation in medical assisting. Medical assistance students will not get any remuneration while attending this practicum session. However, they gain a lot of priceless knowledge and skill.