Whether you are a fresher out of high school who struggles to enter into the job market (as a medical assistant) for the first time ever or an experienced employee who search for a career switch after years of doing the same kind of job, an internship is a ‘hands-on’ or practical to become skilled at new job duties and methodologies in a real workplace setting as opposed to a classroom. Despite the fact that most internship programs are voluntary, the real work experience and networking chances can establish yourself to be a confident and eligible candidate when applied to the succeeding hunt for a paid job.

Internships and supportive education programs have a tendency to last a little longer, predominantly, if a grade is going to be involved. In point of fact, the grade will mirror a candidate’s learning curve and assurance to the job duties that are obligatory for him. In most cases, internships that are offered during the summer are the very popular with students and, for that reason, they are very competitive as well. On the other hand, there are also other types of internships in different fields  that are restricted to particular season but may not essentially bear any prospective to develop into everlasting positions once that time of the year has passed. Following are main three types of medical assistant internship that a candidate can obtain in the current job market:

1. The first type of internship is a supported (cooperative) learning program that is planned around a student’s preferred area of learning (in this case, medical assisting) and permits him/her to be rewarded with semester credits in addition to a sensible remuneration. Owing to the amount of time offered by the organization, often, planning subsist to position the candidate in an ‘entry-level’ position upon successful completion of his internship training.

2. The second type of internship is a non-remunerated internship program that welcomes the participants to work as a full-time or part-time employee in a health care organization. This type of internship is a method through which the candidates can gain an adequate amount of knowledge about the ropes and knack’s in a specific industry in which they wish to craft in their career. An aspiring medical assistant, for instance, could practice his internship at a health care delivering company where he might expend his time by performing (learning) administrative work and assisting the physicians.

3. We can say that the third type of internship is actually “externship“, a set-up in which a candidate is consigned to track a real medical assisting professional and take part in undersized medical projects as a trainee medical assistant. A medical assistant student, for example, might be provided with an externship to expend his time in the physician or doctor’s workplace in the company of a real medical assistant employee who actually work in that office. The trainee medical assistant would collect a genuine perception of how and what a real medical assistant’s workday would truly be.