A well-written letter of intent can very well speak to your goals and viewpoints on your career. In order to write a professional letter of intent, you need to use a convincing language. In actual fact, you must have a minimal skill in drafting a business letter as well. With the help of a good letter of intent, a candidate can express how he can be a positive feature for the company. In the main, a standard letter of intent is written as a single page manuscript. It is a good idea to follow the same procedures for writing your letter of intent with the aim of getting a medical assistant internship in an organization.

Letter of Intent: As a matter of fact, a professional letter of intent is a letter that is written to let the recipient know and understand your strategies for self-accomplishments. In reality, these strategies are greatly expected and needed for an occupation or for an internship program. If truth to be told, a ‘cover letter’ may direct the recipient to your job resume. On the other hand, a ‘letter of intent’ will clearly describe and characterize your goals to the recipient who reads it. If a candidate has adequate knowledge in drafting a typical business letter, he can definitely be able to efficiently express his objectives through a good letter of intent.

Following are the steps to write a professional ‘letter of intent’ for medical assistant internship:

Step 1: Write down the correct date in the top left corner of the page. Actually, you can make use of a format known as ‘block format’ for drafting your letter of intent. Moreover, your entire letter shall be justifiable to left side and you can make a single space between each line. On the other hand, you should leave double space between paragraphs. In your letter of intent, make use of  of ‘Times New Roman’ in twelve point font.

Step 2: You should include the beneficiary’s address. The address should be written by making a double space both in between the lines and the date.

Step 3: Write down the full name of the company (to which you are applying). Below the company’s name, write down the full name of the beneficiary or receiver. Double check twice to ensure whether you have written the address of the receiver correctly. Don’t forget to add ‘Mr.’ or ‘Ms.’ before the name of the receiver. After this, include the name of the city, state and the correct postal code.

Step 4: Write down your salutation by using the last name of the beneficiary. Remember that the salutation in any business letter should contain appropriate phrases such as, Dear Mr. (or Ms.). In case, if you are unaware of the beneficiary’s name, you can very well use the general turn of phrase – ‘To whom it may concern’.

Step 5: You must write down your introductory paragraph. Include proper phrasing to let the recipient know that the ‘letter of intent’ you wrote is for your internship program. Write at least 3 to 5 proper sentences that clearly portray your goals and objectives. For instance, you can include the sentence: “The reason for writing this ‘letter of intent’ is to elucidate how I shall be a benefit to your organization.”

Step 6: You should write the body of the letter by using convincing language that is obvious and brief in nature. Basically, the body of the letter should be ‘short and snappy’. Write the body in such as way that your letter clearly elucidate your goals to the recipient. In addition, write about your additional internship goals that you may have in your mind. One such exemplar statement for your medical assistant internship can be written as “The key objective for me is to advance my perceptions and knowledge of the clinical and organizational tasks. I will definitely be a ‘strong-minded’ person to attain this goal through constant observation and learning”. On average, you can add around 3 to 4 objectives that you wish to achieve.

Step 7: You must write the concluding part of your letter of intent. First, express your gratitude to the recipient for spending his/her time to read your letter of intent. Finish your letter by including some other essential information that you might want to let the recipient be aware of. For example, you can include information such as, your permanent contact details or the exact time of your availability to talk about your internship objectives.

Step 8: You must include your closing signature. Use respectful statements such as, Courteously submitted, ‘Sincerely’, ‘Thank you’ or ‘Thanks & Regards.’ Now, leave a double space and write your full name at the end of the page.

Step 9: As a final step, check your letter of intent for any spelling mistakes and for any other formatting errors. It is always a good practice to proofread your business letters for precision and accuracy.