In essence, externships are bordering on internships. In an externship program, the students are allowed to acquire important job experience by investigating the knowledgeable experts in a specific job setting. The major difference between an externship and internship program is that externship programs are shorter in time duration. It takes place only for a few days or a few weeks. In contrast, an internship program will take several months or even a year to complete.

However, several health organizations still yearn the most excellent and brilliant students for their externship programs. On the other hand, eventually, a lot of students are applying for the positions in an assortment of health care organizations in which they possess special skills and knowledge. In order to apply for a medical assistance externship program, you will require a proficient and convincing entry level cover letter. Learn how to write an effective cover letter with no experience, in an attempt to get hold of an externship effortlessly. Steps to follow while writing a cover letter for externship application:

Top of the cover letter
  • In the first place, write your permanent address. Then, leave one line space.
  • Now, include the date and hop an additional line space after that.
  • Write the beneficiary’s or the receiver’s first name, last name, designation, corporate name and address of the company. Write all these data in separate lines one after the other.
  • Contact the company to which you are applying and request the recipient’s name if you don’t know the exact name of the receiver. This extra effort at your end exhibits your inventiveness and shall turn out to be the major factor in offering you an opportunity to triumph over some other candidate.
  • Include your greeting by writing the following: ‘Dear Dr./Mr./Ms. (Full name)’. Follow the salutation by adding a colon. Leave out one more line space.
Body of covering letter (in different paragraphs)
  • Start writing the body of the cover letter by explaining about the type of  medical assistant externship that you are fascinated about. Also, tell the company about the mode from which you got to know about them.
  • Don’t forget to include the exact name of the externship program as a number of big organizations may possess more than one externship program opportunities. Tell the company that you will be pleased if you get an opportunity to attend their externship program, either you are an entry level or experienced candidate.
  • As the subsequent step, write your educational background in plain words. Then, write about your vocation ambitions or goals in a few words and let them know how a medical assistant externship program will fit into your personal career objective.
  • Convince the beneficiary of the cover letter by telling him/her about your obligatory qualifications that are considered necessary to accomplish the externship.
  • Write about the pertinent courses (that will be helpful in the externship program) that you have completed before. Also, include your special knowledge or skill in additional activities that may support to the successful completion of the externship. For example, you can write about your involvement in a pertinent seminar or practicum that was held by a proficient society in which you are a member.
  • Supply essential information on the subject of your valid employment and volunteering experiences. At this moment in time, organizations are not essentially on the lookout for an applicant who has learned or carried out the precise tasks of a medical assistant in his former schooling or vocation. On the contrary they look for a candidate who can perform sufficiently well to become skilled at the essential duties in their individual organization’s job setting.
  • End the cover letter by telling that you would be grateful if you are provided with a personal chance to converse about your diverse qualifications in a detailed manner.
Bottom of the cover letter
  • As a next step, include your contact information that is not included in the header of the cover letter. For example, type your e-mail address, Skype ID, phone number and other needed information.
  • Express your gratitude to the person who reads the letter for his/her time by writing the word ‘Thanks’
  • As the last step, write ‘Your’s Sincerely’. Then, leave out 3 line spaces.
  • Now, write your ‘Full name’
  • Finally, make a print of the cover letter and include your signature above your full name by using black or blue ink pen.