A Medical Assistant should possess a very good knowledge in operating computers as he or she is accountable for billing & filling out of insurance forms, accounting, and bookkeeping. A medical assistant records all the patients’ medical histories, keep informed on their health records and categorize the medical records. Some medical assistants should also carry out diagnostic tests, capture X-rays as stated by a doctor or a physician. All these tasks should be carried out with the help of computers. Also, this job demand to make use of different types of computer software to accomplish the tasks professionally. Following are different types of softwares:

Medical Accounting

In general, an accounting software is considered as an application that documents and process various account transactions within the functional units. An accounting software processes various account transactions such as, accounts receivable, accounts payable, trial balance and payroll. Fundamentally, an accounting software acts as an accounting information system. There are specific kinds of accounting software available mainly for health care settings. Medical assistants make use of the following two types of accounting softwares:
Bookkeeping software- For secretarial, office and accounting purposes
Billing software- For billing the insurance forms

In spite of accounting the profit’s and losses, a medical accounting software will perform other accounting tasks. In essence, medical accounting software is intended to act in accordance with the ‘Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)’. The medical accounting software is also premeditated to maintain the confidentiality of all the visiting patients. In addition, it facilitates a medical assistant to track manifold payers including both the insurance company and the patients. What’s more, this will also monitor the visiting or appointment records of all patients.

Calendar & Scheduling

Medical assistants make use of the calendar & scheduling and appointment scheduling software that are commonly used for scheduling patient appointments with doctors and appointments for other medical professionals with the doctors. Appropriate usage of scheduling software enables the assistant to change, adjust and cancel the scheduled appointments. By making use of a scheduling software to accomplish scheduling tasks, medical assistants can make the most of  their time and clarify the unfilled time lapses.

Medical Software

There are mainly three types of medical softwares that are used for different purposes. They are:

Electronic Medical Record (EMR) is a computerized or an automated medical record that is mainly used in businesses that deliver patient treatment and care. For example, an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) software is used in hospitals and doctors’ offices. This is used to store the important patients’ data such as, patients’ information, type of treatments provided prescription history and insurance coverages. Usually, an electronic medical record (EMR) consists of pre-designed templates and reports in order to help the medical doctor or a medical assistant to quickly enter and and retrieve information whenever necessary. In general, an EMR have a propensity to be an element of a local individual health information structure that permits processes such as, data storage, data retrieval and alteration of health records.

Patient Management Software is otherwise known as ‘Medical Practice Management Software. This helps the medical assistants to deal with a variety of tasks such as billing, administering claims, updating (electronic) medical health records, setting up appointments and handling the medical codes. The programs for this software can be purchased disjointedly, either as a part of the software system or even as a licensed program on a monthly payment basis.

Visual Electrodiagnostic Software is mainly used by those medical assistants who work with the ophthalmologists. Essentially, a visual electrodiagnostic software is used to measure the proper functioning of the human retina and eye nerves. This software helps in the diagnosis of a number of disorders that may occur in the brain and retina. The commonly executed visual electro diagnostic examination is the Electroretinogram (ERG). The ERG examination of the retina is akin to the electrocardiogram (ECG) examination that is done for the heart.

Electronic Mail (eMail)

The electronic mail (Email) programs helps to make contact with the patients by electronic means to remind them about their upcoming appointment dates (and time) with the doctor.  This email software is also used by the medical assistants to pass the necessary follow-up instructions from the general practitioner or doctor.

Video Conferencing

A number of  physicians make use of a software known as Video Conferencing or Network Conferencing. Fundamentally, a video conferencing or network conferencing software helps the doctors and physicians in making medical verdicts when a particular patient is not in a condition to visit the doctor’s office. If a medical assistant works in a health care setting that makes use of a video conferencing, then he or she may have to be familiar with the usage of the video conferencing software.

Word Processing

Above and beyond, all medical assistants should have the knowledge of using the word processing. In general, a word processing software is used to generate faxes, letters, medical reports or memos.

Internet Browsers

A medical assistant should also have the knowledge about various web browsers that are commonly used in various health care settings.

Operating System (OS)

As a final point, a medical assistant ought to be familiar with the Operating systems (OS) such as, Microsoft Windows Vista Business or Microsoft Windows XP Professional or any other operating system that the (medical) office computer makes use of.

Other softwares

Classification or Categorization- Analytical and technical coding software
Database user interface and query software
Office set software- Business applications and Microsoft Office
Spreadsheet- For manipulations and calculations