Generally, a medical assistant performs as a manager and executes most of the clinical tasks in a hospital or a clinic. According to the evaluation of “U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics”, the requisite for medical assistants possibly will expand by 35% until about the year 2016. Approximately, this demand will result in 148000 fresh medical assistant jobs. People who wish to enter into the medical assistant occupation will be provided with an assortment of administrative or clinical  duties.

Essential Work Skills Checklist

As a medical assistant, the capability to do multitasking in this occupation is very essential. Mainly, as a part of managerial jobs all medical assistants are expected to:

  • Respond to phone calls
  • Organize all the medical formalities
  • Reserve and call off the appointments
  • Make arrangements for clinical visits and access
  • Communicate with medial laboratories
  • In addition, they also should welcome the patients
  • Explain the essential therapeutic procedures, such as, blood draws, need for performing electrocardiograms, need for performing fundamental laboratory examinations.

Actually, medical assistants do much more than a medical job.

Abilities needed to be a successful MA

Future predictions for the growth of the medical assisting profession are wide-ranging. This is because the medical assistant position has 2 different functions integrated into it. A few medical assistants make up their mind to take an administrative path. As a result, they will become an organizational manager. On the other hand, others would like to work in the therapeutic or medical area and takes up a role in that field. Such people may take a position in the therapeutic field such as treatment, nursing and several other occupations related to the well being of the patients.

In order to become a successful medical assistant, one should acquire the following desirable soft skills:

  • All medical assistants must present themselves to the patients as a friendly personality as they might have to relieve the patients from anxiety and tension in most situations.
  • They should always be smart and well-dressed as they are expected to present themselves in an elegant manner to the patients and other staffs in their work environment.
  • Medical assistants should be reliable as they will be dealing with loads of confidential health information and data.
  • If needed, medical assistants should be proficient enough to work on their own idea and inspiration.
  • They should generate perfect and precise results in all their tasks.
  • Without doubt, medical assistants should possess the aspiration to help patients and other people.
  • Medical assistants are expected to be polite and courteous to the patients as they will have to interact with various patients from numerous diverse milieu or locations.