All medical assistants assist and support the primary medical practitioners in hospitals and in the clinics. Even though the key responsibility of  medical assistants is to support the physicians, they do have their personal set of tasks to be done at their place of work. Those tasks are the major responsibilities that may approach along with a group of privileges or rights that permits them to work together with the patients and thereby obtain some private information from them. Actually, a medical assistant’s task or responsibilities may vary greatly. The actual responsibilities may greatly depend on the office procedures. There are many community colleges and professional schools which offer proper training curriculum for medical assisting courses.

Certified testimonials

In view of the fact, a medical assistant is accountable for gathering the health care of the patients in a proficient and contented approach. In the same way, a patient could also inquire or demand for the vital credentials of the medical assistant who is treating him/her. In such situations, a medical assistant sure can share his private credentials, name and other details with that patient. In the same way, if a patient inquires about the personal details such as, testimonials, name and contact details, the medical assistant is expected to supply the requested information as it is the privilege or right of  every patient to be familiar with the person who is providing medical assistance for her.

Working together with all patients

A major responsibility of a medical assistant is to work together with all patients in a kind and friendly manner. A medical assistant must feel contented and happy while dealing with the patients and while they discuss on the subject of health issues, for instance, their aches, illness and anxiety with them. Generally, the medical assistants are accountable for collecting all the confidential data from the patients as well as the essential signs, their height, weight and past history. They are also responsible for gathering essential information regarding the major signs and ailments of the patients. In accordance with the medical rule’s, a patient has the privilege to maintain their medical information as a confidential data. However, a medical assistant has the authority to collect such information from them. This takes account of interpretation of the examination results and also the earlier medical reports.

Safe and sound atmosphere

Usually, a medical assistant  will work in a medical office or in a reception area. For this reason, they are expected to greet the patients who visit their office. A medical assistant should welcome the incoming patients and should kindly answer back to them for their concerns and questions. Hence, a medical assistant sure has the permission or authorization to request the patient’s name and the exact motive of their visit. However, all these inquiries should be completed in a diplomatic way. This is because, a few patients may not be happy to put the exact reason of their visit into simple words in the presence of several other patients and staffs who are in the office.

Clinical laboratory test results

Medical assistants may also collect the lab results that are got from the clinical laboratory. This may comprise tissue, blood or sample results. A medical assistant has the power to congregate all the vital test outcomes from the clinical laboratory and fetch it back to the hospital or clinic. Also, he sure has the authority to examine the test results and notify the physician about the vital results that necessitate an immediate discussion with the concerned patient.