In order to become a successful medical assistant and to serve patients and health care services efficiently, a wide-ranging knowledge in medical billing, coding and insurance handling is very important. Most of the medical assistants will perform a range of office, organizational and medical roles in a doctor’s office or in a health care service center. In some situations, medical assistants may also fill-up the patient’s information in the medical insurance form’s and also will carry out the medical billing and coding process as a part of their job at their workplace.

Medical Insurance Billing

Medical insurance billing is a course of presenting and following up on the medical claims with the various health insurance companies so as to collect compensation for entire services that are provided by a healthcare supplier. The similar course of action is also used for a good number of health insurance companies, regardless of whether they are administration sponsored corporation or a private corporation. Medical Billing is a course of assembling all medical codes that are allotted in such a way that it notifies the health insurance companies about the amount to compensate the health care suppliers for dealing with
patient care and treatment.

Medical Coding

Medical coding is the process of allocating a numeral from a categorization system to a specific patient’s medicinal procedures and diagnoses.

Importance of training in Medical Insurance Billing and Coding

In several health care facilities, medical assistants should also carry out medical coding and medical billing tasks. Basically, medical assistants will make use of either a therapeutic software or a health check coding book to disperse proper analysis and medical procedure coding to the insurance companies. Later, they present the medical bills to the the concerned insurance financier. The training programs in medical assisting schools will usually take account of several courses on health insurance billing procedures. A few medical assistants will also advance their schooling by gaining further knowledge with a certification in medical coding and billing.

Various aspects of Billing and Coding courses

As a part of medical insurance and billing, students will learn about the basics of medical health insurance, procedures to process claims and billing from the insurance (electronically) with the help of the computer. All these above mentioned courses will introduce the medical assistant students to the concepts of Insurance Billing. These courses also provide an comprehensive knowledge and excellent experience in the areas of analytical and technical coding processes that are required for a medical assistant at his work place.

Outlines of the course
  • Key programs in medical insurance and procedures to process the claims.
  • Various kinds and resources of health insurance basics, insurance techniques, conventional insurance strategies, administered patient care, medic-aid, medicare, military delivery services, employees reimbursement and disability insurance policies.
  • Instruction booklets of CPT-4, HCPCS and ICD-9-CM and their correlation with the procedures involved in the insurance claims acquiescence.
  • Medical collections and medical billings.
  • Essential patient privacy policies.
  • Applications of computer billing and management procedures.
  • Procedures to reclaim the essential information from the medical credentials.
  • Procedures to precisely code the health care services and state of affairs.
  • Procedures to perform the medical insurance claims in conjucation with the official procedures and authorized credentials.
  • Exact procedures to electronically record the patient’s scheduled appointments with doctor’s and their personal  information.
  • Exact methods to process the health insurance claims both electronically and manually.