Each and every medical assistant should be aware of the essential laws and ethics of the medical field, various therapeutic procedures involved and psychology topics. Owing to this, the training program in medical assistance has included these courses as a part of their program curriculum.

While working on the subjects of medical ethics and laws, different therapeutic procedures and psychology, students will understand about the science, disciplines and olden times of the therapeutic field on the whole. On the other hand, students will learn about the specific aspects of medical assisting profession from this set of courses.

In the above mentioned topics, medical assistant students will study about:

  • Perceptions and ideas that are associated with the patient treatment or care in a health care center.
  • Tactic ways to organize things for a specific day at work.
  • Professional manners required at the place of work.
  • Workplace supervision along with the everyday jobs of an office administrator, the physician and the employees.
  • Procedures to be followed during an emergency situation, patient handling and safety measures that are expected to be employed in a health care center or office.
  • Rules to handle the medical tools, equipments and medical records.
  • Role and usage of computers in the health care center.
  • Exact task of ‘Ergonomics’ in the well-being of the patients and the employees.
  • Ways to offer some help and assistance to the mobility of the sick patients by giving individual emotional and physical requirements.
  • Fundamental values and ideologies of psychology topics, psychological chaos, various diseases, treatments available for those diseases and various medical language and expressions that are associated with the emotional and psychological aspects of the patients.
  • Essential medical ethics and laws with regard to the health care industry.