American Medical TechnologistsThe ‘American Medical Technologist (AMT)’ is a non-profit organization. It offers certification in allied or associated health care by conducting examinations for the candidates in their specific area of expertise. AMT also has a specialized membership group that corresponds to more than sixty thousand inhabitants who are working in associated or allied health care. Every single area of expertise in the certifications is developed, managed, and examined with the help of  the state of the art or ‘up to date’ methodologies and health care industry standards.

Categories of certifications offered by American Medical Technologist (AMT)
  • Medical Assistants
  • Medical Laboratory Technicians
  • Medical Lab Assistants
  • Medical Technologists
  • Medical Administrative Specialists
  • Phlebotomy Technicians
  • Dental Assistants
  • Allied Health Instructors
  • Clinical Laboratory Consultants

General standards in Medical Assistant certification are as follows:

Examination development

The examinations for all certifications are built up by a team of ‘subject-matter’ specialists or professionals. On top of creating and modernizing the vital specifications on which all the important examinations are based, the committee members also write down the examination questions and evaluate all the questions that are offered by the teachers, professionals, medical practitioners and several other medical professionals within a particular area of expertise. In addition, the committee members find out the standard requirements for the certification and concentrate on the standard-setting subjects that are associated with a specific official document. In view of the fact that examinations only provide a single resource of data on the subject of candidate aptitude, all examinations are used in tandem with several other signs of schooling and skill in the yielding a certification.

Safe and sound delivery of examinations

As a primary constituent of psychometric honesty, the ‘American Medical Technologists (AMT)’s  most excellent focal point persists to be administered at examination protection. Abundant guiding principles, actions, safety measures and coordination are prepared and placed in position in order to tackle this key portion of test delivery. Since AMT very well understand that the legitimacy of the examination thoroughly depends upon the safe development and managerial practicalities, the AMT dedicate substantial funds over and over again to guarantee both safekeeping and technical regularity in cooperation.

Every single administration involved in the examination is carried out in a protected background. In general, the certification examinations are held at a school or at any one of numerous examination centers that are situated all over the U.S.A and around the globe. Mainly, AMT has preferred to collaborate with ‘Pearson Vue’ for the management of examinations that are computer based owing to their international status for excellence and superiority.

Principles and values of practice

The major goal of ‘American Medical Technologists (AMT)’  is to encourage and uphold a superior standard of fineness for allied health experts and to support their job responsibility as a major component of the patient healthcare lineup. Medical assistants and other allied medical professionals who are certified by AMT are anticipated to tag along a definite system of demeanor that are summarized in the ‘American Medical Technologists (AMT)’ standards of practice.

The ‘standards of practice’ that are listed below are the main beliefs that are accepted by the the Board of Executives of AMT. These principles describe the real meaning of admirable and principled behavior required for any health care expert including a medical assistant:

  • At all times, a health expert should place the well being of his/her patient as the major criteria.
  • The professional should understand the significance of meticulousness while doing his duty. He should have sympathy towards all his patients and should understand the significance of the responsibilities of his job duties.
  • The health care professional must always give deference to the privileges of patients as well as the other healthcare contributors. In addition, he/she should defend a patient’s self-assurance.
  • He/she should make all possible efforts to develop his/her practical and procedural skills and  should continue to learn and apply technical progression in his/her area of expertise wherever necessary
  • He/she should value the rules and regulations and should promise to keep away from dishonesty, cheating or illegitimate practices.
  • The health care professional comprehends that he/she is not allowed to generate or recommend a diagnosis or elucidation unless he/she is an appropriately accredited medical doctor or unless requested by the concerned doctor.
  • He/she should defend and respect the decision of the attending medical doctor as long as it does not create a disagreement with the performance that is needed to execute standard no.2 given above
  • He/she should understand that any individual illegal behavior will be that individual’s personal responsibility. Also, it is duty of a specialized health care provider to notify any information of professional mistreatment to the appropriate authorities.
  • All health care professional vow individual respects and honesty so as to assist in the development and growth by each and every legalized means of ‘American Medical Technologists’.