American Registry of Medical Assistants

The American Registry of Medical Assistants (ARMA) is a non-profit organization among the innumerable nationalized certifying groups or organizations which register or certify countless medical assistants from all over the United States of America.


In point of fact, the American Registry of Medical Assistants (ARMA) was included exactly on September 22, 1950 by the creators who were working as ‘registered’ medical assistants and nurses in the neighboring (local) health care workplaces. Therefore, the designation ‘Registered’ is offered to all members of  the American Registry of Medical Assistants.

Organization’s functioning

The ARMA is a non-profit organization that is registered with centralized (federal) government of  Washington, DC. Operating as a public registry, the ARMA is being represented in every state of USA. It is also represented by the healthcare industry and the corpsmen in the clinics and hospitals for armed services.

In actual fact, the ARMA mainly functions in conjunction with a panel of directors in which the administrative secretary and director are the most important executives who are caught up in the routine functioning of the workplace. The major point to be noted is that the duties that are performed (every day) by all the panel members are done absolutely without receiving any revenues or wages.

Truly speaking, the American Registry of Medical Assistants (ARMA) is not a school, an employment bureau or an educational institution that is functioning for revenue purposes. On the other hand, it is an organization whose mission is to press forward the professionalism and status of countless medical assistants in the country. The members of the ARMA exist to be a symbol for various areas within the health related medical career.

At present, the ARMA can see the outcomes of their hard work given that innumerable health care facilities are now asking for certification (registration) before employing new work forces. This is the way of making this particular field visible by itself in improving the medical assistants into an authentic health professional and thereby increasing each and every medical assistant’s remuneration range or scale.

A number of colleges and schools with whom the ARMA is associated has added the registration of their students together with their graduation trainings. At present, the eligibility for yearly restitution is the accretion of at least a minimum amount of twelve incessant edifying activities that corresponds to education or turnout in various area within the therapeutic or health care field. This is to keep up with a student’s ability, talent, professionalism and expertise.

As declared previously, countless members of the American Registry of Medical Assistants are licensed in the health care career and are requested by those health care associations to get Continuing Education Unit (CEU’s) to act in accordance with them. The ARMA is ready to acknowledge the members who got hold of that in order to meet their requirements.

The members of American Registry of Medical Assistants (ARMA) who are in first-class reputation are always being charged an inexpensive legal responsibility (unprofessional conduct) indemnity program. In addition, the ARMA is constantly on the watch out for auxiliary areas which may give a hand to their members for an improved mode of existence at the same time as maintaining their charges as minimum as feasible.

Rewards to the members

In addition, every year, all supporting members are always privileged and honored by providing a reward certificate for those members who have actively maintained their membership status for more than 15-years. This official document of honor is similar to the one that was issued during the previous (original) registration.

At the completion of 20-years of membership, one more reward certificate is issued together with an authorized choker.

A third honor is also there. It would be the lifetime membership (free of cost) that is issued to the members once they complete 35-years of being a member of ARMA. Every year, the names of the pride members of the ARMA are imprinted in one of the organization’s journals in order to credit the whole membership program in the accomplishment of their members.