A medical assistant will be of assistance in a physician’s office and other therapeutic services. Basically, they perform all scheduled organizational duties and help out in laboratory work dealings also. The exact responsibilities and duties of all medical assistants take account of renewing the medical records of the patients as and when required, responding to phone calls in the office and maintaining them up to date. At times, if properly trained, they also perform duties such as, treating the sick patients, injecting medicines to the patients and following up the pharmacies for the patients prescription that are ordered by the doctor.

Schedule the future tasks

In order to facilitate a continuous course of patient examination without any hindrance (such as, physician’s time restraint’s) a medical assistant will schedule the physician’s weekly patient ‘check-up’ agenda. By forecasting things earlier, a medical assistant could get in touch with the patients regarding their suitability and convenient timings to visit the physician’s office in the following weeks. In addition, he/she would also verify all the future appointments in order to confirm that the physician’s agenda is open on that particular date and time. A medical assistant should also discuss about the vacation periods and other time-off dates with all the physician’s who work in the health clinic in order to fix appointments with their patients without any inconsistencies in between.

Support the physician

At the time of the scheduled physical health check for the patients, a medical assistant would be assist the doctor. He/she may do some tasks such as, jotting down the blood pressure and body temperature of the patient as and when needed. Prior to the health check, a key job duty of a medical assistant is to make a note of each and every significant patient information on the subject of any earlier illnesses or health complaints that cropped up in the direct past. Also, a medical assistant should have to gather any specimen tests of the patient prior to the examination. This is to be done in order to speed up the examination procedure.

Medical equipments

In order to lend a hand and support the physician’s before performing any small surgeries, a medical assistant will be of assistance in sterilizing an assortment of medical equipments or tools and organize all the medical instruments in a proper manner. At the time of the surgical procedure, a medical assistant should keep an eye on the functionality of all medical instrument’s in order to make sure that the surgical procedure is carried out without any hindrance. The medical assistant should also ensure that the surroundings of the surgical procedure are maintained clean and tidy.

Maintaining  medical records of the patients

Suppose if, a new patient would like to sign up for a therapeutic service at a clinical facility or at a physician’s office, it is the sole accountability of the medical assistant (who work in that office) to open a fresh file for that particular patient. Since the patients may change their insurance companies for their medical coverages or might even come up with a new medical condition, it is the sole responsibility of a medical assistant to renew the medical record or files by updating information about the fresh insurance documentations and about the present medical condition of such patients. Moreover, all the contact information such as, change of address and change of cell phone numbers should also be maintained up to date by the medical assistant.