There may be innumerable intentions for you to spotlight your hard work towards fabricating your occupation as a medical assistant. Even though a career in medical assisting can be exceptionally demanding which involves scores of commitment and accountability, this career fetches lots of monetary and individual satisfactions naturally.

Unquestionably, medical assistants have constantly been thought out to be a key aspects of the healthcare business, by pleasing a group of imperative functions in the health care organizations. Being a medical assistant, you always get the chance to present a crucial and significant service both to the medical field and social community. You can do this by actively involving yourself in the continuing course of patients’ concern and also by directing your hard work towards humanizing the patients’ well-being.

As per industry research, demand for Medical Assistants is rising every year gradually in USA. As a result of upward trend in this career, by the year of 2016, requirement for MA will be 35% more in today’s comparison.

Why to choose Medical Assistance ?

In contrast to several other occupations that are in the medical field, a profession as a medical assistant engross scores of communication and interactions between the supervising patients and also among few other affiliates of the medical employees. As a result, in spite of acting as a key health care donor for the sickest patients, you (as a medical assistant) will also grab the chance to present loads of ethical support to the patients. Owing to its diverse nature and the distinct echelon of communication with the inhabitants, this medical assistant line of work is well thought-out to be an incredibly challenging vocation that requires:

  • A broad array of theoretical and practical expertise
  • Superior abilities in decision making skills
  • Outstanding communication skills and
  • Countless talents!
Nature of work

The exact nature of a medical assistant’s work may vary. It depends upon on several factors such as:

  • A particular state in which the medical assistant practices
  • Size of the workplace
  • The area in which a medical assistant specializes

Basically, in undersized organization, the majority of the medical assistants perform both clinical and administrative tasks. Such MA’s are known as ‘Generalists’. Moreover, medical assistants who work in a small organization should directly report to the health practitioner, physician or a staff supervisor. On the other hand, in bigger organizations, the majority of the medical assistants will concentrate on a specific line of work.

Generally, medical assistants who work in superior organizations may report to either the branch manager’s or the functional administration. Fundamentally, their responsibilities may vary from one state to another state.


General tasks of a medical assistant consist of:

  • Managing appointments
  • Answering the phone calls
  • Explaining the patients about the surgical treatment process and procedures
  • Handling health insurance related tasks and dealing with medical billing  and accounting processes
  • Follow-up for patient’s prescriptions
  • Sterilizing the medical tools, equipments and instruments (Clinical Assisting)

In essence, medical assistant’s are employed in an assortment of medical environment and conditions. They can anticipate special wages depending on the duties they perform and the nature of  their edifying backdrop. The greater part of medical assistants work in conjunction with a general practitioner in hospitals, treatment care amenities or outpatient treatment centers. Some medical assistants also work  along with the experts, for instance chiropractors or podiatrists.

The wages for a medical assistant may also differ in accordance with his/her education, geological location and tasks. Experienced medical assistants and a nationwide certification may receive a higher remuneration. Based on the statistics done by the ‘Bureau of Labor Statistics’, the typical yearly remuneration of the medical assistants may vary between $24000 to $33000. However, certified medical assistants or MA’s who work in private locations are often being paid the highest wages when compared to other MA’s.


Usually, medical assistant’s should approach and should make contact with with a number of people who has a range of blood-borne pathogens and several infectious diseases. In such circumstances, medical assistants should be careful. They should never forget to take safety measures to stay away from infections and risky diseases. Based on the kind and nature of the therapeutic facility, medical assistants may have to work late-evenings and sometimes, overnight duties as well.

Medical assistants should be open to work with unceasingly sick patients also. At times, this can be distressing and hectic. They should be ready to handle such situations.