All the same, resumes are the essential tools for all employment seekers who are on the lookout for either a full time or part-time occupation. On the other hand, job resumes are also imperative for freshers who have just instigated their hunt for jobs in today’s competitive job market and also for candidates who are in search for an internship program in their area of interest. Endearing resumes should take account of things such as, explicit information, speak about relevant experience and endow with a passionate objective declaration (statement).  In view of the fact that medical assistant internships can drastically advance an applicant’s probability of discovering other job opportunities, it is crucial to build an effective resume that incorporates a persuasive, enlightening and a sensible objective statement.

Useful guidelines to write a credible ‘Objective’ statement

No matter whether your medical assistant objective statement (or declaration) is included in your resume or in your cover letter, the right format for crafting a first rate objective statement is one and the same. The approaches that are going to be discussed below will bestow a good institution for crafting a superior resume objective for your internship resume.

1. Include reliable Objective statement: Fundamentally, your basic resume must be customized to the internship program that you wish to apply for. Take a good look at your resume and alter it in such a way that it matches with the internship program for which you are applying. In your case, you are seeking a program in the medical assisting field so build your resume in such a manner that it showcases all of your academic achievements and practical knowledge. Ensure that your objective declaration is reasonably linked with other information included in your resume. On the whole, an objective statement that is written for any position must be logically supported by your established education, experience and interests.

2. Customize your goals: A candidate should always read and understand the internship advertisements carefully. In addition, pay close attention to your academic experiences and skill sets as well. You need to find out the exact match between your internship requirements and your personal capabilities. Then, tailor your objectives according to those requirements. Since the internship that you seek is in the medical assisting field, create a special inventory of skills and talents that you possess in this field. Now, write down your objective declaration after considering all of these skill sets in the your mind. As a matter of fact, more comprehensive and explicit your objective is, you have better chances of winning. At heart, a clear cut objective statement endows you with a golden opportunity to stand out in the crowd.

3. Include an inspiring objective statement: As opposed to your objective statement, “I am on the lookout for an internship program in the field of medical assisting,” you can write the following statement, “I am on the lookout for a challenging internship program in an inspired medical workplace where I am able to use all my medical assisting skills by focusing on clinical and administrative tasks in particular.” If an employer reads this inspiring objective statement, he or she will get to know and understand about your originality and passion in the medical assistance line of work. Keep in mind that you need to modify and customize your objective statements for different applications for your internship .

4. Pay attention to the right formatting: Always, bear in mind that your objective should be separated from the rest of the contents in your resume. Your internship resume objective or goal must be placed below your contact details . That is to say, it should be written below your name & contact information (these details must be placed on the apex of your resume copy).

  • Don’t forget to bold the word ‘Objective’. This is basically done to make your objective statement stand out from other information in your resume.
  • Always include your objective statement before the ‘Experience’ title.
  • It is very important to make use of an apparent and readable font.
  • Double check to confirm that there are no spelling mistakes in your objective statement and also in any other information on your resume copy.

5. Things to avoid: It is better to avoid a resume objective statement that is very specific. This is because an employer may not be able to fix you as a better candidate for his (or her) company if, your objective declaration is more specific. And, one more thing that you should never do is including an objective statement for a position that is completely different from your area of interest. For this reason, it is always a good idea to place your objective statement in your cover letter (if you are applying for multiple positions) as opposed to your resume. That way, it would be much easier for you to adjust your objective statement on a cover letter in such a way it fits the requirements of a company rather than re-drafting your core resume every time for every potential internship program that you come across.