Some of us are not familiar with the word ‘Externship’. Actually, a medical assistance externship is the concluding step of a candidate’s training program. Finishing an externship program successfully will completely depend on the candidate. This tells us that a candidate should consider his externship program as a very good opportunity to present his/her learning knowledge. He/she should apply the knowledge that he/she has gained in the classroom practically. A medical assistant student is expected to deal with real patients and several health care professionals in an authentic health care office setting. Even though many candidates have some trepidation and anxiety to commence the externship, they will definitely find it to be a very gratifying experience once they enter into the actual program.

Basically, externships are temporary working opportunities for all students to gain knowledge about a specific profession without the need of committing themselves to that profession for an extended period of time. However, students should understand the fact that they are not remunerated and may not be offered academic recognition for attending the externship program. In an externship, you will have a great opportunity to interview an experienced professional in the field of medical assistance that may help you to a large extent. Following are some tips to get through medical assistance externship interview.

Dress appropriately and act professionally

Treat your externship interview similar to a real job interview. Make sure that you dressed up suitably and proficiently. In addition, have a copy of your resume with you, even if your training school has sent one to the hospital. Collect a list of all the names of the managers and companies for whom you have worked for in the past. Also, make a list of their phone numbers and addresses. Present yourself in such a way that you are fully prepared for the interview. If you are asked to fill up an application for the externship, don’t ask for a directory to search for information. Act professionally and competently. When the professional whom you interview find you to be the right candidate, he will fix a date for starting your externship program.

Make a note of your own questions before the interview

A medical assistance externship interview is the best opportunity for you to get genuine answers to all your questions about the profession. Before starting your externship, you may be requested to interview a medical doctor or a medical office manager who works at the medical facility. Basically, you will interview an experienced professional under whom you are going to work for the duration of your externship program. He/she will answer to your job related questions. He would be ready to answer any questions about the job. Also, he/she may notify some other details such as, his personal likes with reference to the medical assisting profession. He/she may give good guidance on the precise edifying route in order to help you enter into a specific job of his own field. At the time of your interview, it’s better to make a note of the sequence of all questions (that exclusively focus on desired profession) including several occupational fields related clarifications on which you wish to make inquiries.

You can ask relevant questions as well

Try to ask appropriate questions about the medical assisting profession, for example:

  • Can I know how and why did you enter into this medical assisting profession?
  • What is the most important factor that you like about the job?
  • Which aspect do you think is the most challenging part of your profession?
  • What is the minimum and the maximum remuneration range for medical assistants?
  • What are the everyday job responsibilities of a medical assistant?

In addition, you can also ask questions about the agenda, organizational pecking order and classic benefits. The questions can also be on the subject of the company for which the professional works for. The above listed questions may lend you a hand in getting a complete picture of the medical assistant profession.

Avoid excessive questioning

Try to avoid excessive questions. The professional whom you interview may get irritated by too many questions. Utmost, you can ask up to 12 questions. Make sure that you give enough time to the professional to answer to all of your questions before you are ready to ask the next. It is absolutely fine even if you have a whole day or even 2 day’s appointments with the professional.

Observe the working style of the office

Use your additional time during the interview to observe the way the medical professional performs his duty and the way he/she interact with his/her co-workers. Observing and hearing things carefully can offer you a good idea about the job. It can also help you decide whether the medical assisting profession is suitable for you.


Chances are that you may carry out the interview by sitting in the medical office and/or you may follow the professional (whom you are interviewing) around the office and the hospital. If you follow him while he performs his duties, feel free to ask essential questions to him as you both walk together. While doing so, remember to make acquaintance with each and every person you meet on the way in a friendly manner. This behavior will portray you as a kind and friendly person. After all, sympathy, kindness and friendly attitude are the crucial traits that are expected in a medical assistant. Always look at the person’s face while you talk with him/her. Look into his/her eyes and listen carefully while having a conversation a person. Always carry a pleasant smile on your face. Also, nod your head when the professional answer your questions. This will indicate him that you are hearing his conversation carefully. Likewise, you can repeat a question if you are confused by his answer or if you need further explanation on a specific subject.

Hear is a complete guide about medical assistant internship interview questions.