Registered Medical Assistant (RMA) CertificateThe ‘American Medical Technologists (AMT)’ is a non-profit organization for providing certification and it also a specialized membership organization that represents more than sixty thousand people in allied or associated health care. This non-profit organization was instituted in the year 1939. The AMT has been offering qualified certification services and membership agenda’s to countless allied medical professionals in order to improve their proficiency and individual growth. After acquiring a certification, candidates will automatically turn into the members of the ‘American Medical Technologists (AMT)’ and will begin to get priceless benefits from them.

The ‘American Medical Technologist (AMT)’ offers certifications in the numerous health care categories. Moreover, this non-profit organization offers the Registered Medical Assistant (RMA) certification as well. Tag along the following five simple steps to get a Registered Certification in medical assistance from AMT.

1. Apply in American Medical Technologists

Upon successfully completing a qualified medical assistant training program or after acquiring the mandatory experience (if valid), you may go ahead and get ready to apply for the American Medical Technologists medical assistant certification. Candidates can download a true copy of the applicant manual from the website of the AMT. This instruction booklet will provide the candidates with a comprehensive knowledge about the Registered Medical Assistant (RMA) certification process.

Application packet for medical assistants may include the following documents:

  • Overview or General idea about the certification process
  • Directions or instructions to apply
  • Application form
  • Eligibility itinerary

When you are fully prepared to submit your application for medical assistant, just download the application form document from the AMT website. Fill up all the obligatory information and send it to AMT. Also, don’t forget to slip in all relevant testimonials in addition to the application charge. The ‘American Medical Technologists (AMT)’ will start to process your application only if all the essential (inquired) information in the application form is completely filled and when all the mandatory credentials have been received. Generally, the application processing time would be around 4 to 6 weeks duration.
Click here to download application form.

2. Procedure involved in processing the application

Once the AMT receive a candidate’s completed application form, he/she will take delivery of a letter that has the all the necessary details for scheduling his/her examination. The candidate can attend his/her examination either at his/her school (if accessible) or he/she can attend the exam at one of the numerous (easily) situated examination centers. If you wish to attend the examination at an examination center, you will get the advantage of scheduling the examination at your own expediency. There is no need for you to wait for a specific examination date that may consume a few months of your time.

3. Prepare for the Registered Medical Assistant (RMA) exam

Scores of learning resources are obtainable in order to help a candidate prepare for his examination. This includes:

  • Exam content summaries
  • Reference learning materials
  • Practice examinations

Click here to download RMA exam resources.

4. Attend the exam

The questions that are asked in the examinations are generally multiple-choice. The number of questions will depend upon the certification area of expertise. If you wish to take the examination by the use of computer (online) either at a school or at an examination hub, you will have the benefit of knowing the result immediately.

5. Wait for Registered Medical Assistant (RMA) certificate via mail

After the final processing of scores and certifications, the “American Medical Technologists (AMT)’ will reward you a recognized certificate in medical assistance.

Letter of understanding

The “American Medical Technologist (AMT)” permits the students to take the examination before attending a medical assistance externship program. Candidates are not considered as certified individuals until the AMT receives and approves the mandatory documents and records. You can download the letter of understanding from the AMT website. It is essential to submit the letter of understanding together with your application form.