There are some crucial requirements and objectives of a medical assisting externship program. The typical requirements of the externship may vary and depend upon the students attend. With the exception of the standard resume, application form or letter, vital official transcripts, fitness records, vaccination records and tuberculosis (TB) test results, students shall also be requested to present their official documents of training in both CPR and first aid. In addition, some prerequisite courses should also be completed before the students get ready to apply for an externship program. At times, pre-externship assessment should also be completed before the students are consigned to their respective placements. Generally, accommodation is provided for candidates with physical disabilities.

All candidates should also meet some methodological standards with the following expertise before they are considered to be the eligible candidates for attending an externship program. The vital proficiencies that are expected in students are:

  • Communication skills
  • Keen observation or attention to details
  • Psychomotor skillfulness
  • Academic abilities
  • Social and behavioral traits
Goals of a medical assistant externship

Basically, the medical assistant externship includes several objectives or ideas. The purpose of an externship is to train all students for entry-level employment in the medical assisting field. This can be achieved by offering the students with the genuine real life ‘state of affairs’ that helps them to apply their awareness, knowledge, familiarity, academic skills, behavioral and moral principles that are garnered at the time of their training program in medical assisting.

Medical assistant externship objectives
  • While dealing with patients either through telephone or in person, medical assistants are trained to be sympathetic, kind and caring towards them. All medical assistants are anticipated to work together with the patients and their family members in a polite and respectful manner.
  • Medical assistants are trained to carry out their everyday duties in a professional approach by means of apposite speech that is ‘to the point’
  • Interacting with the clients and patients with good English that has proper grammar
  • Appropriate usage of medical terms and expressions
  • Inquire questions on each and every essential instances
  • Ability to learn things from their inaccuracies and errors
  • Tendency to get direction from the administering medical assistant or from several other staff in the administrative center
  • Tendency to exhibit inventiveness and analytical skills when forced to face a range of difficult circumstances and state of affairs
  • Appropriate way to deal with potentially transmittable or any bio-hazardous substances
  • Right way of handling several surgical and medical aseptic procedures.

In essence, the medical externship falls under the category of a voluntary ‘on-the-job’ training. As you would expect, students will be anticipated to:

  • Present reports on weekly basis
  • Conform to their set to-do list at the appointed time and
  • Dress up in  a neat and professional way

In an externship program, instructors or teachers will grade the students in accordance with set criterion. Upon successful completion of both ‘Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP)’ and ‘American Association of Medical Assistant (AAMA)’ recognized training programs in conjunction with the recognized externship program, a student can be entitled to attend the additional certifying examinations.