According to The New York Times, the ‘National Association of Colleges and Employers’ has estimated that about 50% of undergraduates who graduate from colleges are actively participating in internship programs. An internship in medical assistants is a terrific opportunity for a person to amalgamate his job-related expertise that are learnt in a scholastic milieu into […]


On the word of the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), an internship opportunity in medical assistance is the major initiation point of today’s rapidly-developing line of business in the health care industry. The precise job duties of a medical assistant intern take account of clerical, clinical, admin and other work responsibilities in cooperation. With the […]


Whether you are a fresher out of high school who struggles to enter into the job market (as a medical assistant) for the first time ever or an experienced employee who search for a career switch after years of doing the same kind of job, an internship is a ‘hands-on’ or practical to become skilled […]


It doesn’t matter whether you get an associate degree or a diploma in medical assisting. Every medical assistant program often consists of an ‘internship’ in a health care setting. Internship programs may also be called ‘practicum’. When you register yourself in a medical assistant training, you must remember that you’re getting ready for an employment […]


In point of fact, medical assisting externship and internship programs are planned in a very different and unique ways. Even though both internship and externship share the pride of exposing a learner to a particular career, both the programs habitually carry out this task in diverse ways. The major differences between the internship and externship […]

What is a Medical Assistant Internship Program?

Fundamentally, an internship program in medical assisting is a position that is intended to prepare all medical assistants for the efficient functioning of duties. The interns also gain essential knowledge so as to help the health care providers both in the front and back office tasks. Once trained, the medical assisting intern’s are anticipated to […]