In point of fact, Medical Assistant Internship programs are impermanent or short-term job positions in a medical workplace. In a clinical setting, an intern will essentially receive the ‘on-the-job’ training. While some interns are provided with some kind of compensation, most interns are not paid. On the other hand, the intern will receive good academic […]


You can be a college student, a candidate who has attended a medical assisting training program or even an employee who wish to switch your job. Whatever the your case may be, just working in an internship program will offer you vital experience for your upcoming permanent job. Getting a proper understanding about the internship […]


Internship donates ‘precious’ job experience for students who have completed their training program in medical assisting. Students who are new to this industry will definitely be benefited from a lot of practical work experience while working in a real medical office setting. It is obvious that a candidate should attend an interview with the employer […]


An interview for the Medical Assistant Internship is a great chance to emphasize your appropriateness for ‘on the job’ training program. In addition, the program is also an opportunity for you to judge if, there is a good match between the nature of your internship, learning objectives and of course, your future career goals. So, […]


All the same, resumes are the essential tools for all employment seekers who are on the lookout for either a full time or part-time occupation. On the other hand, job resumes are also imperative for freshers who have just instigated their hunt for jobs in today’s competitive job market and also for candidates who are […]


An Internship program is the doorway to your medical assistance career path. Stepping into a good program needs dedication, hard work and of course a well-written resume. As a matter of fact, a medical assistant internship resume is a bit different from the standard resumes. Resumes prepared for these ‘on the job’ training programs should […]


As stated by the ‘Writing tutorial services at Indiana University’, an application or cover letter for any Internship program will expect all candidates to summarize their skills and competencies in a confident and brief manner. Fundamentally, an cover letter for your Medical Assistant Internship must be drafted cautiously with greater awareness and consciousness. Into the […]


Drafting a professional cover letter is a crucial element in articulating your curiosity in a job position. You can easily get an interview call for a position, if your cover letter is remarkable. A cover letter is your foremost chance to display your communication skills and it is very important to create an excellent initial […]