Organizations Offering Certification to Medical Assistants

At an entry-level job, a specialized certification is a great way to assure the capability and skill of a medical assistant. Gaining a certification in medical assisting is completely optional. It is a personal choice of a medical assistant even though it is powerfully backed up by the major certifying organization known as the ‘American […]

How to Get Registered Medical Assistant Certification?

The ‘American Medical Technologists (AMT)’ is a non-profit organization for providing certification and it also a specialized membership organization that represents more than sixty thousand people in allied or associated health care. This non-profit organization was instituted in the year 1939. The AMT has been offering qualified certification services and membership agenda’s to countless allied […]

Medical Assistant Certification Standards in the American Medical Technologists

The ‘American Medical Technologist (AMT)’ is a non-profit organization. It offers certification in allied or associated health care by conducting examinations for the candidates in their specific area of expertise. AMT also has a specialized membership group that corresponds to more than sixty thousand inhabitants who are working in associated or allied health care. Every […]


Getting a certification in medical assistance can offer you the professional boundary that you require in today’s employment marketplace. Earning a certification in medical assistance automatically proves that you have reached the elevated standards of proficiency and skills. Approximately, about ninety percentage of medical assistants wish to get a certification from a recognized medical institution. […]


Acquiring an official recognition as a Registered Medical Assistant is very valuable for your future career growth in the health care industry. A lot of companies and employers prefer and at times only employs medical assistants who are holding a certification, either  a ‘Registered Medical Assistant (RMA)’ or a ‘Certified Medical Assistant (CMA)’. Hence, it […]