Drafting a professional cover letter is a crucial element in articulating your curiosity in a job position. You can easily get an interview call for a position, if your cover letter is remarkable. A cover letter is your foremost chance to display your communication skills and it is very important to create an excellent initial impression about you. The Medical Assistant Internship is a great opportunity to expand your skills further and it helps you to discover more about this specific field.

In general, employers shall expect the intern to present a good cover letter along with their resumes while applying for an internship opportunity. Hence, take your time to prepare a good cover letter for medical assistant internship and a resume that expresses your fervor and interests for the category of tasks that are offered in a program. As any employer will carefully assess your application, spend adequate time to write a passionate and legitimate cover letter. Following are the various ways of writing a cover letter for your internship program:

Standard cover letter

Generally, a standard or typical cover letter will follow the exact format of a cover letter writing that you might write to go along with your resume while applying for any job position. A typical cover letter should not contain more than 3 paragraphs. In addition, it should clearly answer the 3 questions that are listed below:

  • Which internship program are you applying for ?
  • Why do you think you are qualified for that program ?
  • What kind of knowledge do you want to receive from a particular internship program ?

Your cover letter must be thoughtful. Into the bargain, it should exclusively address the significant elements of the company or the internship program. Remember that you should never attempt to copy and paste the content from some other cover letter. This is because employers will get very upset by a candidate’s incapability to focus on every single detail and may reject his/her application for not being legitimate. What’s more, remember that a standard cover letter should comprise of three essential elements such as:

  • Intention of your letter
  • Self introduction part
  • Main body of the letter (3 sections)
  • A conclusion part
Cover letter with experience

One more excellent way to move towards the right path for grabbing an internship in medical assisting is by writing a cover letter that talks about every single experience you possess in this field (for the reason that, each person will definitely have some experience even if, it is a basic one) and also about the experience you aspire to gain from the program. In particular, this type of cover letter is very helpful if, you don’t have much experience in the field.

All the more than a standard cover letter, you have to be very precise and explicit in your writing (and in providing important details) so as to make your letter really effective. That is to say, making a statement such as “I wish to gain more experience in a non-profit organization” is really not as powerful as the following statement- “I will be very happy if I get more experience in a non-profit organization, especially in specific areas such as maintenance and employment. As your CEO Mr. Adam received a lot of rewards for discovering revolutionary approaches, it would be a great honor for me to intern for such a reputed organization under Mr. Adam’s management.”

Cover letter with individual statement

In place of a standard cover letter, you can build up an individual statement to go along with your latest resume. As a matter of fact, an individual statement is a short summary of the answers to the two following questions:

  • Who you are as an individual ?
  • What experiences have you gained up till now in the perspective of why you are fascinated about a specific internship program ?

In point of fact, an individual statement should be ‘individualized’ and at the same time it should be crafted in a professional way. In this type of cover letter writing, you can very well talk about the hardships or challenges that you have faced so far and how you have triumphed over those difficulties. On the other hand, you should talk about your adversities on the condition that it is discussed in the configuration of your present experience or upcoming aims and objectives. That is to say, in an optimistic way.

Make sure that you concentrate on a major aspect such as, ‘How does your individual declarations (that you discuss in the cover letter) play a major role in your aspiration for a specific internship program and your future goals ?’. In contrast to a regular cover letter, an individual statement must be drafted with ‘double-space’ between the line. Also, it should be created as a 1-page document. On the other hand, in order to maintain the structure of your letter, you are expected to use a paragraph format as well. Even better, ask someone you trust to go through your individual statement letter. This will help you to find out whether your cover letter is expressing your aspiration and goals in a professional manner and whether the letter will be helpful in tandem with your latest resume.