As stated by the ‘Writing tutorial services at Indiana University’, an application or cover letter for any Internship program will expect all candidates to summarize their skills and competencies in a confident and brief manner. Fundamentally, an cover letter for your Medical Assistant Internship must be drafted cautiously with greater awareness and consciousness. Into the bargain, you are expected to introduce yourself to the organization’s (or company) executive in a professional and resourceful manner. For this reason, it is important for you to learn the most professional ways to compose your cover letter. In general, many experts advise students to write down more than a few drafts before they mail one best letter out of it to the prospective companies.

Most useful tips to write medical assistant internship cover letter: In reality, your cover letter for an internship should be able to answer a clear-cut query. To be precise, it should answer the question: ‘Why I should get an internship opportunity in a specific health care organization?’. If this is your contemplation, then crack down on providing the right answer to that query. After that, refer back to that question throughout the letter.

1. Gather the essentials

In the first place, organize the essential resources that you would require to draft your cover or application letter. The important resources that you will need are as follows:

  • Your updated Resume
  • Essential documents or transcripts
  • A complete list of job references
2. Statement of intention

Make sure to write a sample draft of your cover letter. As said by the Virginia Technology’s Job Services, every single cover letter must take account of a ‘Statement (or a declaration) of the applicant’s aim’. In your case, it would be a Medical Assistant Internship, so you must let the reader know the answer for the following question: ‘How did you get to know about the organization and/or available internship position in particular?’

3. Explore details

Ensure that you have the correct names and designations of the managers or employers. In addition, train yourself to explore about several companies that you wish to apply for internship program.

4. Provide accurate information

Make sure that your cover letter bestows adequate information about your job skills and previous experiences. Mainly, address your letter to a particular person in the company. Double check whether you have supplied your personal contact number, right address and your email address in your letter. This is very important as it helps the employer to contact you without any delay.

5. Reason to join the organization

Point out why you are fascinated and enthralled to intern for a specific organization and how your knowledge and talents can benefit that particular organization. Express your interest and acquaintance about the company in an obvious manner.

6. Include your skills to benefit the organization

Make sure that every paragraph in your cover letter spotlights or talks about one single idea at a time. Include essential factors such as your learning or academic experiences, extracurricular activities and scholastic accomplishments as the ‘center of attention’ of each paragraph of the letter. Also, make sure that you maintain a crisp and brief phrasing.

Prepare an inventory of your special talents and expertise that might be of assistance (benefit) to the company in which you wish to apply. These special skills of yours can be pointed out in your cover letter.

7. Impress the employer

In essence, your cover letter must be professional enough to win over the employer who reads it. Simply speaking, your letter should push the employer or the manager:

  • Take a look at your resume
  • Call his/her attention to your career background
  • Replicate your mind-set
  • Endow with necessary information, for instance, your availability date (& time) and other samples of your writing
8. Pay attention to the word count

As recommended by the ‘Indiana University’, your covering letter should contain 250 – 500 words. As a result, draft your cover letter as one typed page.

9. Avoid any duplication

Never try to duplicate or reproduce any information in your internship cover letter that had already been included (previously) in the application form, resume or transcripts. Avoid repetitive information in order to maintain your letter short, clear, direct, concise and brief.

10. Go through the sample draft properly

Correct the sample draft of your covering letter and if possible, ask your friend to go through your letter. Ask your friend’s genuine feedback. Request him/her to critique on the quality, pitch, grammar and verbosity of the letter. Then, once you are satisfied, prepare the original copy of the internship cover letter and send it across.

Follow up your application: Finally, do a follow up on your medical assistant internship application. In case of not receiving any news from the company or an employer within two weeks period, send a ‘follow-up letter’ or an email reminder. While drafting the follow-up letter or email, don’t forget to express your gratitude to the recipient for his/her precious time. Also, ask the recipient politely whether he or she might need any added information in relation to your educational or academic qualifications.